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Residency in Framer Framed

01/05/2020 - 30/06/2020 Werkplaats Molenwijk Amsterdam (NL) Website

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Stop Motion Animation Workshop by Martine Rademakers Open
Workshop Herbarium by Gosia Kaczmarek Open
Workshop Drawing Animals by Evelien van den Broek Open
Workshop Harmonica Booklet by Michal Jurys Video Open


A new ritual

Rituals resemble stones; they are imperturbable, unalterable and self-contained. Rituals are the exact opposite of human indefiniteness. Rituals release the participants from their daily questions and insecurities. Rituals can tame emotions without suppressing them. Rituals clasp the individual in the firm grip of the group. Rituals communicate that which nobody is able to express or understand. Rituals assuage the desire for meaning through their perfect form. Rituals give the person something to hold on to as compensation for his/her lack of ‘completeness’.

Walter Weyns

Concept, design and performance: Erin Tjin A Ton

Concept, design and performance: Gosia Kaczmarek

Choreography and performance: Magda Ptasznik

Sound design: Marcel de Rooij

Costume design: Q Hisashi Shibata

Seamstress: Daisy Lee

Graphic design: Mainly Afternoon

Advisor: Benjamin Verdonck

Cameraman and editor: Veldtwerk films

Photography: Niels van Veen

Photography Over het IJ Festival: Moon Saris

Translation: Alphabet Town


A theatrical paper installation inspired by Franz Kafka

The phone is ringing non-stop. Letters are piling up. Files are untraceable... How can you achieve something if you don't know what the purpose is? In Paperwork BetweenTwoHands builds a paper refuge for Franz Kafka: the office clerk who wrote masterpieces to escape his oppressing reality at night. Kafka’s world of thoughts between court letter and fantastic masterpiece are transformed in paper objects. With one single fold, a world can appear, or disappear.

Concept, design and performance: Erin Tjin A Ton

Concept, design and performance: Gosia Kaczmarek

Theatre director: Anna Verduin

Animations and shadow puppets: Klaske Oenema

Sound design: Marcel de Rooij

Cameraman and editor: Ruben Pest

Fotographer: Nick van Tiem

Fotographer at Over het IJ Festival: Tudor Bratu

Graphic design: Mariusz Kaczmarek

Media articles

Interview - Wereld van het poppenspel M. van Ditzhuyzen Open
Arlyn award-Theaterkrant J.Beeckmans Open
Paperwork report-Theaterkrant B.Cnossen Open
Ruth van der Steenoven award-Theaterkrant J.Beeckmans Open


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A miniature laboratory

A miniature object theatre in which poetic experiments are conducted. Duodenum is about the diversity of the feasibility of society. It explores the interaction between how people make things and hybrids on the one hand and how these things and hybrids affect people on the other hand. The viewer is witness of a series of strange experiments conducted by a doll in a laboratory.

Design and performance: Erin Tjin A Ton & Gosia Kaczmarek

Theatre director: Anna Verduin

Sound design: René Thie and  Kaveh Vares

Media articles

Duodenum Interview L.Loorbach Open

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Camera: Eefje Vaghi

Editing: Ruben Pest

Sound design: René Thie and  Kaveh Vares


A miniature object theatre

In a setting of 40 by 30 centimetres in which objects predominate, we see the musings of a lonely man. Inspired by A Thief’s Journal, a novel by Jean Genet about the dark side of existence, Erin Tjin A Ton and Gosia Kaczmarek took the loneliness of the protagonist and used it as guide line for The Journal.

Design and performance: Erin Tjin A Ton & Gosia Kaczmarek

Theatre director: Anna Verduin

Sound design: Ernst Walgenbach

Media articles

The Journal Review E.Nederkoorn Open
The Journal Review-Theaterkrant B.Cnossen Open

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Camera and editing: Thomas Ravestein

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